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Are you ready to ditch the diets for good and feel empowered to care for and nourish your body? Are you tired of wasting valuable time thinking about what to eat and shaming yourself for what you have eaten? Do you want to feel amazing, confident, and in control of your health leading to a fuller and happier life?

By choosing to work with me, you are committing to improve your physical and mental wellness. We will work as a team, and I will guide you on your journey giving you as much support as you need. I am here for you, and I want you to succeed! (I also love communicating with your doctors, specialists, and therapists!)

Let's face it: changing behaviors or habits is hard. But changing thoughts? Especially the diet mentality that many of us have been bombarded with most of our lives? Even harder. Because I want you to achieve the outcomes described above, I do not recommend single visit purchases. I have found that these changes typically take 3 months or more to be sustainable. Depending on your unique situation, I provide 2, 3, and 6 month packages.

Each package includes:

One 75 minute initial assessment

Two 45 minute follow-up sessions per month

          (either in person or virtually for your convenience)

Email and phone support

Online food, mood, and lifestyle journal with daily feedback

One 30 minute wrap up session​



This 2 month program is for anyone ready to dive right into a nutrition and lifestyle plan. Great for those with who want to improve their current state of health and thrive or who are already motivated to meet specific goals. This program includes short-term accountability with a holistic approach.

Nourish Mind &


This 3 month program is a perfect fit for many, especially lifelong dieters. Throughout this program, we work together to improve your relationship with food and your body. We also focus on sustainable behavioral changes with nutrition and exercise resulting in long-lasting health.

Most Popular Option

Total Health & Wellness

This 6 month program is available to those desiring ongoing accountability and is recommended for anyone with a history of eating disorders, disordered eating, or chronic digestive distress. We not only work on behavior changes, but a change in mindset in order to discover your internal wisdom and true food freedom.

Best Value

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